Scenarios4Summits and John Hulsman Enterprises enter into Strategic Alliance

Scenarios4Summits and John Hulsman Enterprises enter into Strategic Alliance

Today, John Hulsman Enterprises (JHE) and Scenarios4Summits (S4S) announced the formation of a strategic alliance between the two companies. The strong political risk focus and broad international security experience of JHE and the innovative and well-developed scenario-based policy and crisis management game approaches of S4S provide for a unique and powerful combination in the international policy field.
The strategic alliance will target new opportunities in Europe and beyond, with emphasis on the financial and security sectors. “From now on, we will be each other’s ‘to go to’ partners for any business that fits”, acknowledged Mark Stoop (managing director S4S) and John Hulsman in harmony.

About John Hulsman Enterprises

The firm offers expertise for both businesses and governments with particular regard to the new age of multipolarity, and the game changing events (i.e. the Euro crisis and relative decline of the US) that will determine the opportunities and dangers of the new era. Its clients include Morgan Stanley, City Wire UK, Swiss Re, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Barclay’s Wealth, ICAP Hedge Fund, the German MOD, the German Development Institute (DIE), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch MOD, NATO, the Aspen Institute, and Handelsblatt.
John Hulsman is the leader and intellectual driving force behind this successful global political risk consulting firm.


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